Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gearing up

Well we arrived in Los angles with all our gear and my bike. I was very thankful my bike arrived in good shape. One of the girls on the ride came in Saturday ,and they can't find her bike. They think it might still be in Calgary. Please pray for her. I put my bike all back together and it looks good. One of the things I was still looking for was a larger bag for the back of my seat so I could carry some snacks and lunch. Well wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find one before I left. It wasn't for a lack of trying. I thought maybe when we get here I find a bag. Well I didn't have to go far. During registration we received a goody bag and wouldn't you know it, it had a nice big bag for my bike. The exact one I was looking for. No wonder I couldn't find one at home,God is good. Tonight we had a information meeting as well as safety. As a newbie to cycling I'm learning a lot. I'd be lying to say I'm not a bit nervous. Off to bed, because Sunday will be a busy day. A tire dipping ceremony and celebration service. Before I go I just want to thank everyone for their prayers,don't stop. 
Thanks Len


  1. Awesome to hear from you! God is so good! and our prayers continue with you, each pedal along the way! love you both xo

  2. We prayed as a congregation today for the safety and good health of all. I am so jealous that I cannot be there and do the whole ride! I am thankful that my neck brace came off this week, I have been on the trainer, and will now begin riding. We leave for San Jose, CA shortly and will arrive there tonight to spend time with children and grandchild! See you in Grand Rapids, MI!!!
    Grace, mercy and peace to all
    Ken Prop ... pastor 1st CRC Randolph, WI

  3. So glad your bike arrived safely!! Hope the celebration was inspiring or you all to begin your adventure tomorrow, although you really have begun a long time ago and this is just the next chapter - the climax! :) Have fun!!!