Monday, June 12, 2017

Is it okay to not be okay?

So I'm a couple of weeks away from the start of a 9 1/2 week journey. My longest ride so far was this morning. 59.9 km. Not really ok. The chain and sprockets on my bike have over 15 thousand km on them. Not really ok. The amount of seat time I have up till now, is it enough ? I don't think it's ok. Tires on my bike that are more worn and cracked then I am, not ok. 
Am I emotionally ready for this ride. Not sure. Am I happy with the events that have taken place in the last few years. The passing of both my parents. Struggles in my family. Not happy at all. Have I asked God where are you, where were you? 

Sure I've asked those questions. What could possibly help me to get through to the other side of a journey like this. Do I look deep inside myself to see if I can find the strength. Let me tell you that would be a quick search. It's not there. Do I look at others who have things worse off then I do and find solace in that. Sure I do that. Nothing better then justifying my poor behaviour by comparing it to someone else. That's not ok. As I struggle with life in general and life in the context of this ride I've realized that it's ok not to be ok. Why you ask. Well it's because every where I go, high or low I go with someone. My journey will always be better when I realize that my personal Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is with me. 

So is it okay to not be ok ?   I think it is. It's a struggle most of us will have. It's just not ok to stay that way. If your struggling find someone who knows Jesus and ask for help. I think we are called to help those who aren't ok. Those in emotional trouble. Those in spiritual trouble. And in the case of this ride those that are living in poverty. These great organizations that we are supporting through this ride understand that we have to start with the monetary needs first but never forgetting the need for living water. 
Please pray for all those involved in this journey



  1. Love this, Len! Wow, who of us is ever "OK"? ;) Will be praying for all of you on the tour with admiration and more than a bit of jealousy.

  2. Thanks for this post, Len - I have been thinking alone those lines lately myself! As we meet soon for the start of the ride, we will all have many things that we need to trust our Lord and Savior for - there is just no other way our physical, emotional and spiritual needs can be filled!