Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 5. Worst day ever

Ok so first off the editing department has some mistakes to correct. This in it purple or white form

Is a fox glove not a fox tail. Also yesterday's speed was 77.58 not 57.58. 
Now that s out of the way about today's ride. Got up to the lovely aroma of instant coffee. How drinks that stuff 😖  I had some oatmeal , it was good. Loaded the truck and remembered all my stuff. Headed out last from camp with Ian and Harold. Barely got a couple km in and we stopped to take a picture.  

It kinda like a where's Waldo but u have to find the gear truck. That's our camp from last night.  We road another few kms and another time for a pic 

This cenery strait out of a western.  
Today I took over 70 pictures. I got to a point were I was thinking that it's a nice pic but I already have ten just like it. It's the worst problem ever. 

Hay fields. Streams mountains. 

A great 40 in ride on old headly Rd   

Pasture into mountains. 

Here's a panoramic shot. Ian taught me that one.  I hope it translates well. 

We saw lots of horses today. These we making dust clouds.  

As I'm writing this I'm frustrated by the fact I have to pick and choose as to witch pics I show. I have that problem every day but today is the worst day ever. I think they call that a first world problem.  

A couple of old cars. 

So I'm real excited to see some long horn sheep. 

How's that for one. 
This pic is for sandy. 

Sometimes a picture looking back is nice too

Went through a little town that was like an oasis   Local fruit and cherries. 

Carrie had picked some up and the riders got to enjoy fresh cherries. 

Just outside of pinticton  we biked about 130 km today. It took 6 hrs of seat time. What a butt workout. 

Carrie passing us on the way to the camp ground. 

Tonight atpeleton we received some canadian flags and a sweet jersey   Pics of that will come tomorrow 
I'm running out of steam  this time change is still not fully in me. See you tomorrow   Happy Canada day. 

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  1. Geez. By the title of the post I thought you crashed or something