Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 3. Baptism by fire

Hey all. We set up camp in Hope. Completely surrounded by mountains. 
 So it was so amazing to see all the snow on the tops of the peaks. What an awesome place to camp. 

Supper  was great. Salad and tacos. In the morning we packed up the kitchen truck and headed out. Today's ride was going to be the second toughest for elevation in the whole ride. 
Last night at peloton a lot of talk about the amount of climbing on the ride made a lot of people real nervous. As you can see I'm wearing the same jersey I was wearing when I crashed in 2013. I figure what are the chances it happens again.   
Into the climb we go. Slow and steady. 
It was a day of not a lot of talking. But the beauty around us didn't need words 
 The first pit stop was 18 km in and it took us just under 2 hrs. It was a welctome sight. Off we went again    
The second mahout climb of the day seemed to have false flats. It looked like a we were about to have a nice little down hill reprieve but it was still a4% grade. Crazy. I'm like these down hills suck  
A stream was running beside,under and below us all day. Awesome to hear the birds , the water running and the whistling of the wind. 
I took about 50 pics today. Can't show them all but they are all amazing. 
Another pit stop. 
How could I bike past this view and not take a picture. 
This is a shot looking back after a climb. It looks way steeper when you look back. You do not notice it as much when your going forward. What I also saw a lot of today was people that were struggling getting help and encouragement from riders that selflessly stuck with them till the end of the ride. Hats off to Larry stehower.   . 
We reached the big summit and hit the last pit stop. 
Once we made it into camp. I had to wait for Carrie and my clothes to get to camp cause she was last stop. So I decided to go for a swim in a mountain lake. After about 45 seconds my toes and fingers started to cramp up. It was very refreshing 
People had already started cooking supper. 
The food was great. After supper we had a nice camp fire. 
Guess who piled that fire up. It was great. 
No cell service all day so this will be published in the morning. 
Off to bed. Len 

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