Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 4. Best ride ever

So got up this morning and thought I had everthing under control. I mean I got my s@$& together. Had breakfast , filled my water bottles, check my bike, socialized with people it was going great. Then I realized I'm an idiot. I left my helmet in the RV and Carrie was on her way to the first pit stop. Ever have that when you go from way high to way low. That was me.  
After realizing that my phone was utterly useless I negotiated a solution. We finished packing the kitchen truck just in time for my helmet to arrive. On the road we went.  After a sweet decent we made it to the first rest stop. 
The opposite enterance to the park. 
We got to a section of road construction so Ruben and Paul handed out seatosea cards to the drivers. Talk about a captive audience. Riding the new pavement was a treat.  
What a way to start the day. New road, mountains, streams. How did a Big Bang make all this. This whole place screams creator. It's awesome. 
Well all descents end up in a climb. But it was a nice climb on a great new road.  
So most everyone stopped to take pictures at the top. I would climb every day to get these veiws. 
 Seems like a bit of a dream. I caught myself thinking that I don't take a picture of that because it's not as spectacular as another shot. How crazy is that. 
We finally reached the summit. But by the looks of it we got here on the wrong day. Now the best part of reaching a summit is the downhill after. I may have let loose a little. 
This was the starting point of the race, I mean safe decent. 57.58 kms an hour. So far undisputed fastest. 
To all u moms of course it was done safely. It was censored awesome. Of course their are no pics of the decent. 
This was the start. 
Heading into princeton   
I took this pic just  before town on a pretty quick decent. In the distance u can see the top of the mountain we descended from. 
What an awesome day. Not sure how my body would react to yesterday's workout but it worked out great. Feeling high as a kite. Naturally of course. 

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