Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not "bummed out" anymore

Feeling much better.  My butt is recovering much faster and feeling much better.  I can ride 90 minutes and I feel fine the next morning as opposed to before when I couldn't sit down the next day at work.  I am beginning to understand patience.  I'm thankful to God for his patience with me.  Starting on this journey I had alot of thoughts, things like, I can bike 120 kms a day, I can sleep in a tent every night, I can train, I can raise $10,000, I can do all this so I can help raise awareness and funds for poverty.  After going through the struggles to start my journey, God has reminded me that the "I can" only works if your include "with God's help and blessing"  Its funny how as soon as I came to this realization things started to fall into place.  I'm not saying there won't be any more struggles but I know God will be with me in good times and bad. 
Thanks to those who have so generously donated to this worthy cause.  The goal of Sea to Sea is to move people out of the trap of poverty through education and enabling organizations.  Did you know the DRS programs will be sponsored through your donation?  Many other awesome projects will benefit from your donations, from wells in Africa to local soup kitchens in your area. 
Your donation could:
$3,500 can buy a house
$300 can provide temporary, transitional shelter for a family in need
$120 can buy a bicycle for a health care worker or student or entrepreneur
$60 can buy a sheep
$40 can buy a goat
$25 can buy food for a month.
$25 can buy a water filter to provide clean drinking water in Honduras
$15 can buy a lantern and allow men to learn at night after working to feed their families during the day
$12 can buy a mosquito net to protect against malaria
Thanks again for all your support both financially and through prayers and words of encouragement. 

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  1. Len, I'm thrilled about what you are doing. Mostly, I appreciate the spiritual struggle and growing that the Lord is working in you, and that you are sharing this with us. Indeed, it is all about Jesus and the work he does in ordinary folk like us. Jean and I will donate, follow your blog, and pray for you.