Monday, March 18, 2013


Best bike ride ever!  Well sort of, it started out easy.  Can still talk and walk.  Actually I'm not on a bike, but at our cottage walking on the river through the snow.  I can't bike so I need to get a workout in.  We're walking around the corner to the big tubing hill.  As we get out of our bay we sink in 6 inches into slush, now its becoming a workout.  No more talking, breathing in and out the mouth only.  After 20 minutes we reach the hill.  Carrie gets a snowmobile ride up.  I climb the hill with the tube.  This will be a workout.  Long climb.  Just like biking up a tough grade.  My breathing is laboured but controlled.  I get to the top gasping for air.  Now my hearts working.  Down we go on the tractor inner tube.  On the bike we call it a controlled descent.  I think this was an uncontrolled descent.  Back on the river for a slush march back to the cottage.  By the time I get back I'm feeling good about my workout/walk (bike ride)  Well only thing left to do is work out some upper body muscles.  I grab a shovel and start on the deck.  3 feet of snow- that should do the trick.  2 hours later I'm done.

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