Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starting Over

       I'm riding my bike on a trainer which in cycling talk is a stand that you put your bike on to give the feeling that you're on the road.  The higher the gear the harder it is to pedal.  People have been telling me that I need to get on my road bike instead of the stationary and now that I'm on it I see what they mean. The seat position is different, my shoulders and arms are killing me.  I also bought new pedals and biking shoes.  These shoes clip into my pedals and keep my feet locked into the pedals.  This is something I have to get used to.  Shifting gears is also something I am having to get used to.
      Well the first ride on the trainer went well, 90 minutes.  I practiced clipping in and out of the pedals.  I adjusted the seat forward and back, up and down.  I moved my feet forward and back just trying to get comfortable.  The second time I rode on the bike I continued to make minor adjustments and things were starting to get more comfortable.  One thing I noticed was I seemed to have a bump or vibration while riding that I didn't notice before.  On my third ride about 1/2 hour in I noticed that I had more vibrations and more bumps.  I felt like I was riding on a gravel road.  All of a sudden a light went off in my head and I realized I hadn't released the tension off the rear wheel from the trainer and I had made dents in my tire from it sitting in the same spot between rides.  Typical man thing to do, read the instructions after there's a problem. 
       Reminds me of how we come to God and ask Him to fix or help us when we need something or have a problem.  Regular instruction manual reading ( the Bible) should be done before we have issues.  This will help in dealing with all the situations God puts in our path.  Many of us have Bibles in our homes collecting dust, and more food than we can consume.  While millions are dying each year of hunger and lack of knowledge of Gods saving grace through Jesus Christ.  Lets all work together to the goal of the great commission. One pedal stroke, one mile, one dollar and one verse at a time.

"Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."
                                                           Matthew 11:28

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