Saturday, April 13, 2013

Riding on my own strength?

Well I haven't blogged in awhile though it doesn't feel like it. Everyday some thoughts come to my mind and I write them down in my head - I do this when my wife asks me questions too I answer them in my head - doesn't always work well and that doesn't count for blogging either. Who knew?
A lot has happened since my last entry As I started to increase my biking time I noticed that my belly button looked different I have a hernia So there I thought, again, that's it for me I can't ride. The pledges weren't coming in very well and it's easy for me to get down. I talked to some other riders and asked them what they thought. Get it checked out So there I was sitting in the specialist office thinking this may be the end of my biking journey. As I moved from waiting room to waiting room I was praying I didn't realize when I started the sea to sea training that biking and praying work together so well but the more I do the more I realize that praying goes together with everything we do Back to the waiting room. I got an email from a fellow rider just before going in to see the doctor He told me he's had a hernia for a couple of years and his doctor told him no big deal A few other emails came in saying they were praying for me. Coincidence?i think not - it's a God thing. He knew I needed a boost at that point. In to see the doctor and he said it was small enough that we could take care if it after the tour He also said I should lose some weight. What a blessing this tour will accomplish that. With renewed strength back on the bike again. I've upped my time to 2 hours as well as frequency of riding. And The Lord upped my fundraising efforts. People started giving and praying for me and I can feel the momentum.
The church I attend allowed me to make a presentation about sea to sea I did some more homework and found out the tour was fully supported meaning the money I raise goes directly to the causes and does not pay for all the logistical parts of the tour How great is that? My daughter put together an amazing presentation board and it went well, I think. People were nice enough to say it did. A week later we had a collection for sea to sea. I haven't been told the results from that yet but I will keep you updated.
My wife said we should have a soup supper. That's not something I grew up with but in this community it's a regular occurrence. Great idea! She booked the gym and away she went. She started making soup, baking, things were going well. Then she talked to the Gems counsellor who just had a soup supper a few months ago. 19 pans of soup she said for approx 70 people. Oh boy now my wife was feeling overwhelmed. Shortly after hanging up the phone two other calls came in " how can I help?" Everyone who offered she accepted and there were many offers!! Things came together wonderfully! Pans of soup, chili, desserts. It was awesome! Coincidence? No it was a God thing. The soup supper was last night from 5:30-7:30. At 5:30 there were 2 people. 15 minutes later 10 people. Well God I prayed I this in your hands. By 6:00 the place was packed full. We had seating for 130 and they were all taken. What a blessing. Such a diverse group of people came People from different backgrounds, some churched some not all together breaking break and fellowshipping together. My grandmother used to pray " send people Lord, but not too many that we would have to turn anyone away" and that's how it went. We set tables twice so figure we fed over 250 souls. What a great night. Lots of food. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great community event. After all the dust settled and we cleaned up the final tally for the night came in $4587.00. Wow! Happy , happy, happy.
Thank you to everyone who came and donated. Money, food, time, talents. Wow. Is this something we can do on our own strength? No like my wife says its a God incidence.

Thank you Lord for ALL your blessings.

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