Sunday, April 28, 2013


       I'm writing this morning with a thousand thoughts running through my head.  Snatching them out and putting them in order will definately be tricky. I've been pounding the hours and kms on my bike- still indoors.  The weather has finally seemed to break so getting outdoors will  be easier. Some days the biking goes better than others.  Not sure if the diet or over conditioning/ under conditioning.  I've been reading a book on long distance cycling, posts from sea to sea and talking to any rider I see. I'm learning alot. 
      After a couple of hours my knee started to bug me.  Well since I set my bike up myself I figured it was time to get a proper bike fit.  Researched that too and got in contact with Colin at Athelite for a retul fitsee  What does that mean to someone who doesn't ride? not much. This fit was great.  I jumped on my bike, got fitted with sensors and started biking.  Oops, I should probably say cycling.  After warming up and some computer video of me in action, we adjusted the bike to fit me as I'm actually riding.  Not in a static position as most fitters do.  I'm sitting in a much more comfortable position.  Feels great!  If anyone is looking to fine tune your fit in the Toronto area or north of Toronto, I highly recommend going to see Colin.
      Now this whole riding, or cycling thing has me.  I've jumped in with both feet.  It's how I'm wired, all or nothing.  When I'm up, I'm up, when I'm down, I'm down.  Straightening out the highs and lows is the tough part.  With the events that have happened in the last few weeks that is something that is becoming clearer to me (perspective)  Things I thought were important, or maybe catastrophic don't seem to have the same weight anymore.  My second oldest brother has had some health issues over the past years, different things.  This time it was tiredness, lack of energy, a little heart problem acting up again we thought.  Turns out its a little more than he thought.  He needs a double lung transplant, sooner than later.  Wow, all the problems I had now seem like opportunites instead of issues (perspective) If God puts a situation in your life, remember that time is a precious thing, don't waste it.  Make a difference in yours or someone elses life.  Spend time with those you love, be quick to forgive, listen to them, thank them and love them.
       And on that note, I want to thank all those who have encouraged me, prayed for me, and given to sea to sea of behalf of me.  I am humbled and grateful.


  1. I think it's awesome Len that you're doing the Sea to Sea. Your journey has already begun even though you're still home. Praying that God will give you what you need now in your training and while you do the bike tour. Thinking of your brother too.

  2. Thanks for your perspectives. We do well to follow those words of advice. Keep safe while you train and hope to see you on the ride.

    1. Thanks, and prayers to you as well as you prepare for your next surgery. God bless